Now attempting to perform any table editing command on an invalid table reports an error message. For example, element hgroup has been suppressed. This command is mainly useful to write or record macro-commands. The directory where are stored all user preferences is now: For example, character TAB may now be specified as any of the following: This option may be turned on by selecting ” Tools Revisions Store All Revisions in the Document ” for the document being edited or it may be turned on once for all by checking ” Automatically store all revisions in the document ” Options Preferences , Tools Revisions section. Added a workaround for an Apple Java bug which caused the document view to become garbled when scrolling quickly.

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Once the image map element has xmlmid added, right-clicking anywhere in this element and selecting ” Edit Image Map ” from the contextual popup menu displays a xmlmind image map editor. Fixed a number of xmlmind bugs in existing CSS extension pseudo-functions text-fieldspinneretc and more generally, made the generated form controls smoother to use in XXE.

This menu item is present only when the document xmlmind edited is a DocBook version 4 document. This document contains the reference for all the XPath 1.

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This media player is similar to those found in Web xmlmind. Previously the label attribute of the item was used to specify a location in a menu. The selectPrinter xmlmind is no longer supported. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


When rendering a DITA map stored on a remote drive, the titles of the topics referenced by this map are now cmlmind asynchronously. Xmlmihd latter opens in the native file manager the folder containing the document being edited. Getting started Creating a document Take the lesson Watch the screencast. Previously a separator was needed to mark the end of the first group and the start of the second one.

Quickly paste selected xmlmind using mouse button 2 Take the lesson Watch the screencast.

What is XMLmind XML Editor?

Inserting images Take the xmlmind Watch the screencast. Added a -tsa option to the deployxxe command-line tool.

Reviewing changes using the Compare tool Take the lesson Watch the screencast. Xmlmind XXE knows that some of the opened documents are related:. The ” Conditional Processing ” submenu allows to work with conditional processing profiles when the document being edited is a DITA map or topic of any kind or is xmlmind DocBook 4 or 5 document.

Dragging a tab and dropping it to a xmlmind not having tabs allows to split the tabbed pane in two and to move the dragged tab to the split part of the container. This menu has two entries: More information in ” How to automatically select a set of custom stylesheets when converting a zmlmind document?

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xmlmind The ” New Window ” feature is now enabled by default. The styled view of a document was extremely slow to create and also to dispose when the CSS stylesheet added dozens of thousands of label xpath, ” Anyway, xmlmind parameters did not work reliably. While at it, the stock HomePreviousNextUp navigation icons were replaced by xmlmind icons. This menu item converts the DocBook version 4 document being edited it to DocBook version 5.


However the ” Browse Files ” tool does not yet allow to modify the contents of a Zip archive. As a consequence, the com.

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v

Made xmlmind ” Automatically reopen last opened xmlmind ” found in Option PreferencesGeneral section, much more useful. Major overhaul of the ” Edit source ” add-on which is installed by default: This bug caused for example the following incorrect behavior using the Japanese Hiragana input method: Added ” Select Referenced Resource ” to the right-click popup menu of an assembly.

The only way to suppress generated content was to specify ” content: Setting these attribute to false in the DocBook 5. Major upgrade of the ” Easy Profiling ” add-on xmlmind. File Quit has now an icon which clearly indicates whether this menu item can be used to terminate the application or just close the corresponding main window. Everything you’ll learn in this xmlmind applies to all document types: