Wordshark is designed to help students mostly between 5 and It also has a database of over 9, words, and allows you to add more. Student results are then stored on the server and are available to teachers. Where Can I Get It? How to use Wordshark Step 1.

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What does Wordshark run on? Teachers have a very wordshark set of word lists to choose from, grouped into courses. Parents should always follow the progress of their children in using Wordshark – encouraging them to try the wordshark games both for reading and spelling and to move on through the word lists. Requirements and Resources expand Click to collapse.

The program comes with an introductory manual. Wordshark is a computer program designed to teach spelling, and reading through multi sensory techniques. This computer program covers different aspects of reading and wordshark through 55 different games. The different games reinforce the words in various ways. Worshark 5 includes wordshark, onset and rime, homophones, spelling rules, common letter patterns, visual wordshark auditory patterns, prefixes, suffixes, roots, word division, high frequency words, use of words in context, alphabet and dictionary skills and more.


Wordshark Numbershark – Overview

Please contact us for School Network Version pricing larger than 10 users. Choose one of the games icons…. Adding pictures to your words. You can also use wordshark for competitive games wordshark two students. It teaches phonics, spelling rules, wordshark sounds into words, segmenting words, homophones etc. The program comes with an introductory manual. Prices are listed in Australian Dollars.

Welcome to the home of Wordshark and Numbershark

WordShark 5 – Home Download. Wordshaark tutorials and on-screen help are also provided. Each of wordshark 60 motivating games is wordshark to help with one or more aspects of reading and spelling. Wordshark 5 is targeted at the following age wordshark Play again or pick a wordzhark game Mac OS XWindows. There is a special chapter for parents, in the manual within the program. Literacy Lucid Memory Booster Ages Microphones – headphones – on screen keyboard.

Games options and personal settings Or choose specific PDFs: Wordshark 5 – 30 user – Network Version.


Click above image to enlarge. Call Wordshark and Wordshark Literacy. Here is a link to the software: They often have difficulty with letter forms and associating sounds with letters. There are also video tutorials, on-screen help for all games, tool tips and teaching notes.

The tailored games and structured word lists make Wordshark especially useful for students with dyslexia. Where Can Wotdshark Get It? Wordshark to use Wordshark Step 1. You can also add your own words.