I tried all other apps on the play store this one beats them all. I’ve had this app for years now and the only thing it needs , Ithink , is adding the ability to actually put in start and end times for trimmings, cause it’s difficult to hit a ten to fifteen second Mark with the scroll bar. I like having the latest features and tweaks in my paid version too! Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc. Best video converter ever Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now it has been updated and improved and I am saddened by the fact that I cannot give it a seven star rating now.

vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk

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In short, I’ve used this app across multiple devices without any problem within the app itself, does what it says in app discription and for the price one certainly shouldn’t be disappointed.

I am so sad that I waited so long to use it, could have saved a lot of time. Example of if I press a media file to play it I’m given a few options on what app Vidtrimm want to play the file with.


Wont trim long segments of p mp4 videos.

vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk

Worth paying for to enjoy casual video editing on Android. Reverse Video FX video Editor 1. Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.

vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk

I like the app, but it’s really unfortunate that it seems you can only edit in 1 second increments. I The best video editing app by far. Its missing a slow and fast motion editing feature. It would be vidteim to have a more accurate way of setting edit points. Where many others have failed, vidtrim pro succeeded.

Kind if glitchy on some video trim output files. It is hard to cut video now.

vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk

Simple and good at what it does. Except for this which has done what I needed thank you Just wow.

VidTrim Pro Video Editor v2.4.5 Apk

Please add support for SD cards. Needs slow down and speed up video options. Great app, been my go to tool for years. This New Update one is to much work. 2.45.

VidTrim Pro – Video Editor APK – Download VidTrim Pro – Video Editor APK ( MB)

POOF a brand new file to your specs. Long time user of this application. What this app lacks is to manually input values in the slider, also, there is a bug where when you rotate the app, the slider time values resets but the position of the sliders themselves remain.


Doesnt have the control I need. Except for one little thing. VidTrim Pro is a video editor and organiser for Spk. It helps you cut and trim videos just fine.

VidTrim Pro APK – download free apk from APKSum

You will not be sorry, one of the best out there for a purchase at a great price!!! 24.5 you probably don’t want to know what I use this app for. A good app I liked it one of the only apps on Android that does something besides to steal your information.

Can’t be used without active Internet connection. Amazing software, great interface, developer is super responsive, cares about customers.

Fun and More Fun. So hard to find a good video trimmer that doesnt produces any glitches in the output file. Video trim option is gone.