I would recommend the software as well. It is very capable, it has many features that you can implement as you are ready for them. Customisable Fields – Add your own specific fields to the product card. Good Software Pros This software is really good for us in our industry. I can use this software on a daily basis.

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Feedback Reports Reports on customer responses to any meeting or contact, had with any Rep or Employee.

Trueerp can customize reports, make graphs, export trueerp and more. Marketing Contacts – Complete details as required to keep an accurate and extensive Marketing Contacts database, a database or collection of information which is fully integrated with a complete business management and accounting system.

This is where you can make a product from different, separate products. TrueERP appears trueerp the following software guides:. All our issues get resolved in no time. There are small functionalities I want it to have, like being able to print from the prepayment screen. The issues trueerp had was attended by the support team and we are happy. Transfer the funds directly into the bank account of any supplier with the click of a button from your PC.

Customer support is great. We are currently locked out of the system. These pictures will display when sold, and can be easily uploaded onto your web page. Units Of Measure – Sell your trueerp in virtually any way you can think of, from cartons to pallets or kilograms to litres, sheets to rolls.


It is very easy to use and does not require a huge tutorial to get to use it. As the TrueERP Software suite is a true real time system, any transaction created will appear on truueerp report instantly. The numbers printed can be based on either the numbers in stock or you can choose any number to print. We are a very complex company and have 3 major sites. Job Costing – Truwerp accurate job costing, with total job costs continually and instantly trueerp as product and resource costs change, from purchases to labour costs.

Smooth operation of your business TrueERP gives you real time information on current stock levels and values. Some other stand trueerp products such as MS Trueerp can gannt much better than TrueERP but, in terms of value for money it is very acceptable. Running different types of reports is so easy! TrueERP Software sales orders trrueerp with full picking slip trueerp delivery docket capability. It also makes invoicing very easy.

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The manufacturing module is directly connected to the purchasing feature, so purchasing managers are instantly notified whenever the inventory is trueerp. I think it is because we have already paid them in full. Extra Supplier Pricing – List every supplier you buy trueerp particular product from and what their prices are including foreign values. Transaction Customer Discounting – Set up or auto load from sales trueerp, one off discount options per customer per product. Customisable Fields – Add your own specific fields to the product card.


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In the beginning ERP was hard to wrap my head around but the different aspects but it is easy enough to follow and use now. All the functions are usable and very important. Enter the value as a percentage of the entire job or as a fixed value.

Its easy to trueerp, very friendly, and basically it helps our business needs. Great for designing any printout of any form in any manner you choose, so you can have a bill or trueerp order look anyway you choose including logos, images and barcodes.


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There is some functionality that I would make slightly different within the inventory section, but nothing much. Repair and Maintenance Scheduler – Book in a repair with a client, for one-off work, warranty or regular service calls. Ttueerp from Design and Trueerp.

Our implementation experience was trueerp good, there is just so much to learn.