Makes short work of inserting a title block on dozens of layouts. Also corrects problems that can affect normal drawing open. Quickly opens hyperlinked documents in a previously selected set or as repeatedly picked. The toolbar provides access to primary functions such a delete that always deletes the layer while a right click menu allows numerous additional functions. Through the use of the export, import, and merge tools, different users can share definitions. ToolPac is in use today by thousands of architects, engineers, and designers! Allows selective unerase of objects at any point in editing session.

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Continues an existing open lightweight or 3d polyline by picking near either end. Reverse lookup, evaluating all drawings in a folder and optional subfolders to see if they toolpac 12 one or more selected drawings. Finds and allows selective purge of BAK files across nested folders.

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Quickly regenerates only objects visible on screen, those selected, or a chosen layer. Encrypts and decrypts a selection set of annotation with a user specified key. Read his observations in this article. Processes the layer states of multiple drawings, executing user supplied commands to import, export, rename, etc. Dialog edit all properties toolpac 12 an attribute. Immediately purges all external objects xrefs, images, underlays from the current drawing.


Toolpac 12 multiple plot files to different ports, designate number of copies, etc. Exports pattern definition files from a selected patterns tollpac the drawing.

Open, save or xref attach multiple drawings in one step. Makes short work of inserting a title toolpac 12 on dozens of layouts. Counts occurrences of text strings or words in a selection set of annotation objects. Compares two drawings, displaying differences in an empty drawing with generated report.

Populate existing insert attributes with lookup values from Excel spreadsheet or Access databases. Automatically detects circles and arcs. Extracts and inserts selected pages tooolpac multi-page tiffs such as faxes.

Translation tables can saved to disk for later recall. Also allows you to export existing attributes to datafiles and creates a link!

Automatically place text back into attribute slots. Options for 6, 12, 24, 54, or symbols per page. We’ve applied some introductory discounts as well! Pastes copied viewports into current layout preserving layer settings and turns them on. A system to do quick backups of open tkolpac as they exist on disk before making changes and saving overwriting them. Results are multiple layouts, its ready to plot print all sheets. Quick and easy way to remove BAK files with details such as size and date difference.


When the drawing opens or on demand the annotations update to reflect the current file s. As changes are made, the DWG files are updated when the document toolpac 12 saved or closed! Joins mtext objects together by toolpac 12. Processes multiple image files and makes a DWG for each with resulting geometry in the files model space.

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This includes minor revisions to products, new tools, productivity tips and more. Add ToolPac functionality to third party software and even custom menus without problems. Joins multiple secondary tables to the bottom of a primary. Changes hardcoded image, xref, style, and shape paths in multiple drawings. Import XYZ toolpac 12 to form points and polylines.