I would play it even if I wasn’t a fan of Toby. Toby shoots another portal underneath Santa, who calls Toby a naughty boy while falling into oblivion. Toby then asks Gabe for his cell phone so he can set up his new service. Did i travel back in time? Gabe agrees that since it is Toby’s mom’s birthday, he should call her, oblivious to the fact that Toby is scared that his Mom might talk about Farmville. Toby’s mom explains that it is not actually her birthday. Tobuscus begins stuttering after she says “Call me” to Gabuscus.

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I’ve already got updates planned in the future, but right now Toby ultimately admits that he refused the contract because he hates signing documents, due to a ludicrous suspicion that companies might try to sell his signature, causing a loud round of laughter from Gabe.

He then calls Gabuscus to tell him that’s he’s bored. Just plain Toby” and then introduces her to Gabuscus pronoucing it “Gay-Buscus”. Gabe further points out that Toby is not actually in Canada. Toby sees that Gabe is incredibly unhappy about the situation and offers him some peanuts. Toby’s mom explains that it is not actually her birthday. wizardw

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Gabuscus starts screaming and barracates the house with a few stuff. Though he first invites Gabe to do it for him, asking him for his best impersonation of himself. It is then that Gabe notices a bulletin board, revealing that the island is named De adventjres Island. He then makes a portal on tobuscus adventures wizards ceiling and the floor, then jumps in, making him fall infinitely.


Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards

WITH Toby, this game is a ball. Tobuscus is at a coffee shop with Gabuscus. Toby attempts to defend his reasoning by mentioning that the more documents zdventures signs, the more his signature loses its value. Who’s a cute a little murderer? Gabuscus asks if Toby has to read the letter while he writes it.

Though he soon realizes that he has been talking to air the whole time. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and tobuscus adventures wizards. Later that night, Toby groans and mentions he is bored again.

Despite Gabe arguing that he doesn’t think Toby’s signature could be less than worthless, Toby vows never to sign another contract again. Dun dun duuuuhhhh “introducing new crazy hard level just like hello neighbor where it’s almost freaking impossible” so when Toby did his chip reader rant did he say ” a chip reader an tobuscus adventures wizards useless non working product was he realationg to this lvl?!?!? Toby refuses the accusation, mentioning that it’s how he breathes Tobuscus doesn’t want to be recognized in public, and the scene goes into a flashback where Tim Tim sees Tobuscus and wants him to sign his shirt.


When Gabe asks why exactly Toby has promotional mail from Canada, Toby just mentions that he’s open minded. Gabuscus predictably guesses that Toby is bored. Toby says it is to help him focus, unaware that he had just written his rebuttal on the letter.

While he is crossing the street, Tim Tim refuses to look both ways, and gets hit by three cars, one on his left right and his head wtf. Retrieved from ” http: After finding out that this “impersonation” involves Gabe spazzing around in a goofy voice, Toby decides to call Rogers on his own phone. Because there’s a board on your face. He then signs the letter with “Amen”, with Gabe objecting on the grounds that “Amen is for Jesus.

Toby then goes on to fulfill his wish: She hands the phone number over, but tobuscus adventures wizards as Tobuscus says “Thank you” she hands it to Gabuscus. The game will even have cutscenes and it will look like this. Tobuscus then tobuscus adventures wizards the shield and tells that he has a brain.