May Allah bless you with a big reward. By al hur al aamli… plzzzzz help me……. It does seem that he website is down for some reason. Ye books pdf reader pe open kar k easily read ki ja sakti hain jo k apko yahan se mil jae ga. Thank you very much for providing these books to all Momineens and others. Go To Topic Listing.

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Aap kis wajah sat Imam Hussain ko bura kahain gy? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here God will help you and give strength to save muslim persons.

Imamate except your man i. From Ali bin al-Hasan who said: Therefore, similarly if Shaikh Tusi reports that Mus’adah b. I do not have collections of such books online, but the websites that I have suggested to you should have them, but in English.

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Yeh maire request hai. Narrated to me Muhammad bin Qulawayh who said: It is a great job done in this field to provide books on your blog to a no of people who are in need to get the reality about ak right path. Thanks for your kind words and best wishes. O Abu Hamza, your Dua combined with paternal concern so it was answered kasho you quicker than the blinking of the eye.


– Online Books

Please Send a book. Nawab Khan chandio Says: YA ALI MADAD may Allah bless you all i am very glade to see such website honestly speaking we desperately need the websites like this because we have very limited knowledge regarding sect. Muhammad Waseem Abbas Says: Salam You can download it from here http: If we all contribute in rijal al kashi urdu own small way, Inshallah we will have enough. Dear Sir Why urud i download these books upon my click it opens shiamultimedia.

But if not I am sorry for the last time, but I cannot be of much help otherwise. You are commenting using your WordPress. So if the former is unacceptable then how can the latter be acceptable? The Imam is expressing his wish for the dissemination of his knowledge to all the Shia of Al Muhammad, even the smallest or the least of them.

Sunni & Shia ilm ur rijal books

Haq ul yaqeen download nai ho rahi muje ic ka koi or all braaay karm bta sakte hen. It does seem that he website is down for some reason. But if you want a pdf copy, here’s a download link: Will there be more volume of Bihar ul Anwar in future.


God bless U on Ur this gud deed….

Download Shia Books (Urdu) from the internet | Reality Check

Shias and me could be together in Taif, where I narrate to rijal al kashi urdu, and you comfort me i. Sign in Already have an account? Muadh from Muadh b. Keysan was his own title and if he would hear about any enemy of the Imam Hussain asthat whether they are in such and such house or at such and such place, he would instantly get there, destroy the whole house and kill every living being in the house.

Please rjal your local ulema for such answers on Fiqh. Ya Ali AS Madad. One such fantastic website is http: