Great on its own, but doesn’t work well in conjunction with its own program. I was looking for a generic pedometer that would work when the screen was off and one where I didn’t have to hold my phone to sue it with the screen On all the time. Bummer the app is no longer being updated! Does anyone know how to get google to take a look at a app and pull abandoned apps? Different distance by anonym.

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Unhappy with the fact that the only two ways to friend somebody is by Facebook or Twitter.

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Any physical activity you do can be logged and tracked, even p90x. Software suppliers and distributors. Can’t speak properly by anonym. The application is either new, or limited to a specific area that only a few users are interested in. I downloaded it today before I went to jog and at first I thought it was great.

Manual counter once set helps.

It is pretty buggy but it still gets five stars from me because no other sports app can compare to this one! A must have if ur a workout nut. Just saved me 10 bucks.


I was bummed I had to uninstall because it WAS great at first. I’ve tried several and they all fail. Haven’t tried paid version, but free version is awesome Mist have app if want to see results far better than Couch to 5K.

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I don’t like that I can’t use the calorie medal to access the app, but have to open it from the tray. I enjoy this app more than any other one on the app store. This would be five stars if I didn’t have to use another app to be friends with my husband. Very accurate GPS, in fact. I can’t noom cardio trainer pro you how many times I thought my workout was being recorded only to look at the end to see it was on pause the whole time.

CardioTrainer Pro

Triathlete in training by anonym. It stopped recording distances after a cpl of “upgraded dwnloads” ago. If you want advices, exercises and diets at the same application, download now this!


Would be higher except just one small detail by anonym. This one is amazing and WAY more than I was expecting. Will get 5 stars if this is sorted. The GPS and music sync work well.

My husband and I use this App on our phones. Great on cardoo own, but doesn’t work well in conjunction with its own program. Love the music integration and the vegetable comparison of calories burned though. Can trace your route if you lose something.

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teainer When this app is fully ready for prime time it will be a five star app. If my top speed is 24, the top speed on a graph should be 1 or 2 higher, not 6 or 7. Bummer the app is no longer being updated! Sony Smartwatch 2 Support! This app is awesome!