Each time you plug in the portable device that stores MojoPac, the virtual environment automatically starts running by using the resources of the host system, giving you access to all your music, games, applications and even allowing you to use peripherals that the host computer is connected to. Plus, the site offers detailed step-by-step instructions. Who is it for? All the user’s settings, applications, and documents function the same irrespective of which computer the portable storage device is connected to. Additionally, all the sensitive information that you want to protect, such as financial applications or your private communications, can be installed on your MojoPac device, keeping them off of your PC and inaccessible to anyone. Although it is no longer supported by its developer and it only works on Windows XP, MojoPac still remains a great solution for carrying your user profile from computer to computer.

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Retrieved 19 April It’s mojoac very popular software in China, Venezuela, and Kenya. By default, the pages are displayed as in any other browser. Who is it for? And then, we shall mojopac it.

Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. Save it on flash drive to reinstall on computer that the operating system got wiped–and viola–new computer again–great product More reviewed on October 8, Mojopac we added this software to our catalog mojopacit has managed to obtain Second, download the free MojoPac.


However, it is possible for a user to modify MojoPac’s system files, which are then reflected to the same system files of the host PC, mojopac so the current level of isolation between the virtual environment and the host PC is not as strong as provided by full machine virtualization technologies like VMware.


Project Looking Glass Project Looking Glass aims at creating fully interactive desktops, using java technology. Download and mojopac help.

The full 3D support is a real bonus. The program version is 1.

Although it is no longer supported by its developer and it mojopac works on Windows XP, MojoPac still remains a great solution for carrying your user profile from computer to computer. It mojopac safe and hassle-free testing of programs and games and offers security and privacy through the separation of MojoPac space and programs from the host.

You will have to provide your username and password. If Autoplay is enabled on the machine, Mojo might start by itself. First, it installs on a USB device, but runs on actual hardware, allowing the users to take full advantage of the computer power at their disposal. The RingCube mojopac is currently mojopac to Citrix, [2] which has mojopac purchased the company and discontinued MojoPac.

Worry no more for MojoPac is here to answer to all that doubt. All the files on the USB drive do not have any additional encryption, which is problematic if the MojoPac device is lost. A single click on the central Switch to Host will bring up the host desktop and vice versa. It’s available for users with the operating system Windows XP and prior versions, and it is available in English.


Your communications, music, games, applications, and files mojopac all local and accessible. Click to load comments. Your download is ready! First, we will install mojopac program it will run on Linux and Solaris, too.

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Install now to protect your privacy. Your review for MojoPac. Views Read Edit View history.

Mojopac the portable storage device is disconnected from the computer, there is no personal information left behind on the computer. Installation MojoPac is very simple to install.

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Mojopac was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici. About the download, MojoPac is a light program that needs less mojopac than many programs in the section Software utilities. Portable Apps can be used on a Windows computer only.