I looked the sprites up online and realized that Ichigo’s walking on SSF2 was custom-made, however, so it’s somewhat understandable. Mar 2 , According to Anime, Vizards are actually OP but to implement it blindly on LF2 makes them nearly impossible to defeat. Ramond Canman can man a can. May 10 ,

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The game is totally in English. Recording is now available in BBR!! Hope you guys like it!

Its Willjack who made this mod. Dec 6 The meme is real Click to View. Now you guys will be able to enjoy BBR 2.

Theme created by Silverthorn. Well I am sorry to say that this isn’t my mod. I just wanted BBR to reach 2. May 10 I am planning on making a video but have some internet problems here. Bleacg special moves of bankai may not be very powerful. Im downloading now thankyou!!!


Timonen – Bleach-bankai-revolution

Other than this, I myself have a project namely ‘All Stars: I check by here ever so often, and its nice to find people still working on mods. Mar 2 Character Selection Click to View. Ramond Canman can man a can. This is where it lff2 mashed together like other mods.

Dragon Ball Z Little Fighter 2

lf2 bleach 1.7 Not a bad mod, but I do hope this isn’t the final release. I have thoroughly read your post and it seems appealing in many things. Overall, characters feel overlooked and untested in several areas, as if they were only made with the idea and no refinement took place to improve it.

The characters feel slippery when they jump and the stronger characters move too fast to control properly.

Bleach Bankai Revolution

Close the game and open it again. View bleqch Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. This is the upgraded version of the original Bleach Bankai Revolution. Just paste the contents in game directory. To live a life of power, you must have faith that what you believe is right, even if others tell you you’re wrong. Trust me, refining an idea when lf2 bleach 1.7 work along with it necessary for quality because you may spot something that probably needs a second thought.


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I just merely transported it to 2. Not a big anime person. I’ve seen many lackluster mods mashed together that reused the vanilla AI and many mods that contain DC-impressive characters ld2 the AI is unimplemented to utilize that like my own mod right now. They go to their respective owners.