krishna vishwaroop

So he could easily have destroyed the vile elements represented by Kauravas. Is Veda authentic, lol See I think you might find it interesting: Don’t know, but I couldn’t find it. Hearing all this, she was perturbed due to her love for Ravana and she then asked the wives of the vanara chiefs to be taken along on the Pushpaka Vimana to Ayodhya so that Rama would restrain his sensual desires in the presence of these females

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We both agree upon valmikiramayan. Once the war is over, we see her lamenting over Ravana’s death and blaming her kidnap on her past bad karma instead of on Ravana I already provided evidence that shows Arjuna’s reaction to the vishwaroopa and the viswaroopa itself vishqaroop an interpolation He would not have become emotional on the first day itself.

The artistic imagination of Hindu artists of Nepal has created iconic Vishvarupa images, expressing “sacred terror”, as expressed by Arjuna. So, I will also judge whatever you do in the present, to decide your future. In my opinion the Anu Gita is a later addition to the vishwraoop.

And Sanjaya would also have his own bias when reporting, like any other reporter. Again the question arises that even if it was an illusion that only Arjuna could see, then why was he hesitant to fight on the first day of the war, itself?


Vishwaroop Darshan – an interpretation for a common man

The other theophany of Vishnu Narayana is revealed to the divine sage Narada. I don’t see any reason for her to be perturbed at the moment due to love for Rama. Vishvarupa becomes crystallized as an icon in the early Vishnu cult by the time of Guptas 6th century CE.

Aa Chaitu 12 March at Krisha did Arjun see in the Vishwaroop of lord Krishna?

Vishwaroop Darshan – an interpretation for a common man

In Ramayana, Rama tells Vali: You’re exploiting Ramayan with unnecessary angles and just accepting the English text of Mahabharath as it is.

If I see emotional attachment it is there. Only then you will reach your destination, if u follow both, there’s no truth nor answer.

It can be a story after all just like Trojan war,Iliad, Directed by thee, O great king, what is there that I may not do in great battle. But it is Vishnu alone who being present in the forms as paramatma of Agni fire and other demigods, is praised by the Vedas as the Brahman Supreme Absolute truth ,as mentioned in various upanishads Padma Purana 5. I like to analyze the text, look at the context, cross reference the incident, etc Sign In to earn Badges.

Then the king of the Panchalas the valiant Dhrishtaketu, Bhimasena the son of Pandu, Dhrishtadyumna of Prishata’s race, the twins Nakula and SahadevaChekitana, and the five Kaikaya brothers, and the mighty-armed Satyaki and Subhadra’s son, and Ghatotkacha, and the five sons of Draupadi, and Sikhandin, and the valiant Kuntibhoja, and Susarman, and Virata, these and many other powerful warriors of the Pandava army, afflicted by the shafts of Bhishma, seemed to sink in an ocean of grief, Phalguni, however, rescued them all.


Asuras Rakshasas Yakshas Vahanas.

But Vyasa came at the last moment and asked him to be spared It was just a presentation of the advaita concepts that were being propagated at the time. For example, after Karna used the Shakti Astra he obtained from Arjuna’s biological father Indra king of Uttara Kuru – modern day Russia to kill Bhima’s son Gatotkacha, Krishna was celebrating by uttering leonine roars and slapping visgwaroop armpits.

And Valadeva of exceeding strength was a portion of the Naga, Sesha.

mahabharata – What did Arjun see in the Vishwaroop of lord Krishna? – Hinduism Stack Exchange

Yes, he insulted Shishupala and Krishna killed him when he was off guard, because Krishna could not face him in war, as krisshna warrior. Although there are many contradictions within the Bhagavad Gita itself, this post will not focus on them.

According to their karmas, he directs the wanderings of the souls, who are seated on a machine made of the material energy. China was one of the few areas outside of India that was not considered barbaric.

This worst of Rakshasas, O timid one, is no worthy antagonist of mine, nor can all the Rakshasas together bear the strength of my arms. Furthermore, in Udyoga Parva, Karna refers to grandsons of Pandavas, thus implying that even before the war, Parikshit grandson ,rishna Pandavas was born So it’s not interpolation. Vishvarupa as a multi-headed and multi-armed god or all components of the universe displayed in the body of the deity.