Then, move the desired presets from the User presets folder to the new folder you created in the factory presets folder. In Cypher, the external audio appears in the white noise source for each of the 3 oscillators and can be used with the specialized osc functions. You can add high-quality FX as inserts on each synthesizer, as aux sends or on the master output. Synth Squad is very well future-proofed – as you acquire faster CPUs, it will sound better and better due to the adjustable oversampling settings, and will deliver even more voices. Do you allow license transfers?

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With 2 unison voices, the external input or inputs in Cypher will be doubled, and a unison modulation source can be used in the TransMod system to create different settings for each of the voices – for example different filter types, drive amounts etc. Remember that Amber’s paraphonic architecture means it can play all notes on the keyboard simultaneously within 1 voice. Audio-rate modulation can approximate the types of complex changes in harmonics over time that are evident in acoustic sounds.

You are free to print the PDFs for your own use.

DCAM Synth Squad

Complexity can be overwhelming. Cypher’s Beat knob is a neat touch. There are 27 quality effects to choose from, unexpected highlights being reverbs based on Overloud’s Breverb, and the oddball Frequency Fxpansionn and grain-based Freezer effects.

Although FM and ring modulation are associated with hard, ‘digital’ sounds, Fcam can sound phat and ‘analogue’, too, due to such features as its dual waveshapers and twin filters SVF or Moog-style with routing options.


No Longer Available Update Location close.


These synthesizers are not overly endowed with complex controls – as a result it’s difficult to make a bad sound with them and they beg to be played.

I downloaded the demo of dcam synth squad and loved the sound quality so much that I decided to cave in and just buy it. Synth voice counts Intel Core2 Duo 1.

Close Fusor Inspired by a lost fxpansion dcam synth squad of huge wrap-around analogue keyboard rigs, Fusor is a semi-modular layering environment for 3 DCAM synths with keysplits, additional modulation, high-quality FX and analogue-style sequencing. Rated 5 out of 5 by Rimby from Sounds great! We have tried ssuad hard to make the authorization procedure as pain-free as possible.

Classic divide-down string synthesizers of this type used a frequency-divided high-frequency master oscillator or oscillators to produce all notes on the keyboard simultaneously within a single synth voice, with a VCA voltage controlled amplifier and amp envelope within the osc section.

Therefore, the main advantages of the download version are:. Alternatively, you can use the other osc sources alongside the input, allowing many creative applications. Back To Top How can I fxpansion dcam synth squad author information to my presets? Please understand that it is necessary for safeguarding your investment in future development and user support.

One features standard 8″ and 4″ syntb oscillators, plus a noise generator and a resonant multimode filter with eight filter types, while the other has 8″, 4″ and 2″ divide-down sawtooth oscillators with a four-band formant filter and three-mode chorus effect. Rated 5 out of 5 by Lindsey-G from Dcam is Awesome!

FXpansion – DCAM Synth Squad

By browsing our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The instruments in DCAM: Our Verdict Get to know the members of Synth Squad and you’ll make a powerful ally in your quest for superior sounds.


The oscillator-stacking feature lets you layer up to 5 copies of fxpansion dcam synth squad oscillator and detune them to achieve thick tones without using entire unison voices The filter is capable of delivering an extremely wide range of timbres, due to its plethora of filter curves and rich modeled drive circuit for extra-thick tone.

Close Cypher Cypher is a sound-design powerhouse – a digital sandbox for analogue-style FM fxpanskon other audio-rate modulation. Get to know the members of Synth Squad and you’ll make a powerful ally in your quest for superior sounds.

All this, combined with versatile inter-modulation between its internal devices, makes Fusor an inspirational environment for complex effected patches and deep, experimental sound design Fusor lets you layer and set up keyboard splits for 3 instances of the DCAM synths.

Can I use it on both my laptop and main machine? Why 4 separate instruments instead of everything in a single plugin? Fusor gives you yet more modulation sources xcam fool around with, including four LFOs, four envelopes useful when pumping three fxpansoon instances through the same filter, for fxpansion dcam synth squad and eight macro knobs. It is intended for intricate effect treatments and deep sound design.

We use cookies to sqkad your experience on fxpansion. It’s recommended that you move rather than copy them to prevent them appearing in the User collection too. As with the other instruments in DCAM: