Retrieved from ” https: So what is Ferazel’s Wand and why did we decide that a secrets guide was necessary? The game concentrates more on thinking than fighting enemies — boss fights are often a matter of logically deducing a foe’s weakness. With it you can “edit the amount of coins, health, mana, and points that Ferazel has. Follow This App Developer website:

ferazels wand

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MacAlly iShock – Ferazel’s Wand often requires complex and difficult jumps.

Ferazel’s Wand – The Cutting Room Floor

See more reviews for Ferazels Wand. This game was never very popular but has a cult of fans; some created unauthorized sequels and expansions. Long have they dwelled in peace, but now they ferrazels under assault from a horde of goblins, and there are whispers of a far more foul foe leading the goblins. There are several critical tools that Erica used to make this guide: But each spell uses magic points, so use your magic wisely! A few tracks were left unused for some reason or another, likely because there weren’t enough levels where these could be used.

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Ferazel’s Wand – Wikipedia

Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. The demo of Ferazel’s Wand includes 3 fully playable levels; the full game which comes on CD includes 23 levels.


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Ferazel’s Wand is another great Mac game and is considered by many who played it to be one of the best Mac OS Classic side-scrolling plaftormer games. Sign in now Forgot password? Mac OS Classic Released internationally: Side view adventure game where you travel to the end mystical lands. This action game —related article is a stub.

The wanx concentrates more on thinking than fighting enemies — boss fights are often a matter of logically deducing a foe’s weakness. This article has multiple issues.

ferazels wand

Thanks for all your support! While this screen does appear in the demo version, even the oldest demo version of the game says the game is coming out on January and the currently available demo says it’s available feraze,s. Click on it to go to the secrets guide for that level.

ferazels wand

Views Read View source View history. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Ambrosia Message Board – Hosted by Ambrosia Software, this message board can be key to getting ferazeps out of tough situations when playing any of Ambrosia’s games. This game has unused music.


Ferazels Wand

Applelinks Moofie Winners Announced. Is Ferazels Wand really the best app in Adventure category? Hover your cursor over a level to read it’s name.

It also allows you to set Ferazel’s inventory including all of the spells and items that can be found in the game and a few that cannot! Xichra is waiting for Ferazel in her lair – only with strength, wisdom, and experience can she be vanquished.

ferazels wand

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for products rerazels services. It was released in Also, a demo of the game is available from Ambrosia. This was used in Harry for the general preferences, but they are completely different in this game. Discover New Mac Apps.