FullMetalAttorney , July 13th, At best, you’ll love the sound and come to love this band. Particularly not by them. This being the case, it was probably an intelligent decision to change their course slightly for the release of Helvetios , by recording their first ever concept album. In any way, if you have enjoyed not only Eluveitie’s first two albums but all their discography you won’t be disappointed, and even if you have never heard of Eluveitie before or if you know only their last works this “Helvetios” will surely please you. Eluveitie are extremely talented musicians and rightly deserve the attention they receive, but Helvetios proves that more is not always better.

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In a pure, magical moment, they combined folk metal with melodic death metal so perfectly that it’s never been matched before, or since.

At this point I should admit that I have been quite harsh in my analysis of this album, because eluvfitie really are plenty of brilliant moments here, and again a remarkably and consistently high standard throughout the album. That aside, it is well produced. It is clear that the whole album is leaded by this so basically the metal structure is kinda weak.

For more guidance, eluveitie helvetios Wikipedia: The vocals done by Chrigel and female background vocalist Anna Murphy are simply amazing in this album. Eluveitie, at its eluveitie helvetios, has helvetiso been generic melodic death metal.

Then came Everything Remains I eluveitie helvetios recently been besotted with Eluveitie helvetios music. These guys were living the folk metal dream not too long ago. Minimum order value 25 EUR, tickets excluded.


For those who’d like to refer to the last album, the song that comes off at the top helvetlos my mind is the chorus section of “Kingdom Come Undone”. Helvetios has a nice melody going with the guitars, but when eluveitke folkish ehlvetios hit, neither are intrusive until the solo for the folk instruments come up, usually the flute with violinthey just work, and when the solo arrives it really is awe-inspiring. Now, that isn’t to say the album is bad. Double bass pedal drum rolls rumble heavily in the background keeping an upbeat tempo.

Also, for parts that actually are dedicated to the guitars, I don’t get why they have 2 guitars.

Eluveitie – Helvetios – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

For the purchase of this item you’ll receive 64 Blasts! The drumming is impressive and Merlin enjoys a little freestyle in the middle of the only real stand-out track, Havoc.

Or when you are listening to the amazing solos eluveitie helvetios songs such as ‘Santonian Shores’, ‘A Rose for Epona’, and ‘The Siege’, to name a few.

A spoken word section over nature sounds? Yes, the human beings behind this band are brilliant.

Glanzmann Ivo Henzi Murphy. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. The end ahs an interesting surprise and female vocals step in with spoken word. Eluveitie had two folk metal based albums at their begining, Spirit and Slania eluveitie helvetios, where the riffs had folkish influences and melodies, but here that is gone. The one thing that separates Eluveitie from the others in the genre are the instruments used. Eluveitie are extremely talented musicians and eluveitie helvetios deserve the attention they receive, but Helvetios proves that more is not always better.


Being the band’s first concept albumit focuses on the Gallic Wars from a perspective of the ancient Helvetians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My final scores are as followed: Also, songs like ‘Luxtor’ and ‘A Rose for Epona’ are clearly more catchy and easily accessible. That song stands out as being the first to have a real thrash vibe aside from the other melodic death metal tracks. Metal Hammer in German.

ELUVEITIE – Reveal “Helvetios” Cover Art & Tracklist

It is a nice, refreshing touch, that it is narrated from another perspective, elkveitie its still the same theme. As for those who will pretty much listen to anything, please, knock yourself out here. Good God, helvvetios a change!

The album follows the same musical structure, so it has a feeling of consistency and it reinforces the idea of a concept album, but it also made it predictable, and due to the dependence on the folk instruments, there is nothing outstanding on the metal side, eluveitie helvetios previous works like Slaniawhere, even with the eluveittie folk eluveitie helvetios through half of the album Which were condensed on slania folk medleyit managed to have relevant metal things like gray sublime archon or bloodstained ground.