Thank you for reading myself. Download the map file with. You must have Warcraft 3 TFT v1. And the ultiimate not Shot a mortar bomb that explodes at impact causing fire the ground for a moment. Necrolyte ultimate is unfair, it shouldn’t disable buyback option.

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Some heroes remain overpowered while others received nerf hammer. I don’t know what valvefrog are trying to accomplish here. Thank you for reading myself. It would be great if they added some strength caster whose ultimate enables him to use hp instead of mana Bottle crow need is arguably a slight nerf to current Puck playstyle, but should in utilitkes be a buff in the long term.

Sven- his 3rd Skill will be change to Stun or Blink or Slow. There is a Bug in Malragor Felguardwhen you use its skill felguard wrath, it keeps repeating and repeating!

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I personally like a lot of them: A blink dota utilities 6.78 ai that doubles as dotz blink? Oracle’s spells are overpowered. My webpage diablo 3 barbarian guide. Talk less do more.

Undying is more useful in clash! Not the buyback one, but the one where all kills under the stun are credited to Necrolyte. It throws of granita or of stone: Game hangs after being eqipped utilitiws Aghanim’s Scepter. Like increasing range for a nuke by Or giving a skill like disrupters nuke 4 instances of dmg instead of 3.


Add him to CM. Tried dota utilities 6.78 ai, ghost walk turned into Windwalk. And ban the map hack cheat, remove it, give us new hero the grunt and hero that can heal towerzzzzz, plz icefrog: Luckily I typed -test before, and only -kill can save us Increas enigmas utiliyies duration and make blackhole sceptre upgradeable Also try to make it not possible to use omniknight repel on enemy heroes cuz it happens by mistake sometimes Thnx A fan.

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Also, Nevermore was dota utilities 6.78 ai imbalanced, when you have Power Treads, Nevermore gets permanent Haste speed, even though it’s MS says otherwise. Please make Luna stronger. While u die sometimes u cant revive!!

Can I request if you can put heroes like Anime and Cartoons. DoTA application found an error and utilitiew game shuts down when “Telekenetic Blob” reaches mid-level. I would like the “fun” mapmakers to add the characters from the family guy, american dad, the simpsons, futurama, and bob’s burger Tauren – utioities increase in Nature’s Order AOE Wisp – buff in his base strength and strength gain plus 1 starting armor Huskar – nerf on his agility Bristleback – needs some serious buff Doom – slight nerf on Doom utiltiies Abaddon – slight increase on Borrowed time Balanar – nerf on his strength.


I want a new hero the earth type of SS of pandaren. Traxex shall have active ability giving her damage for a limited amount of time.

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Make a map balanced, based on 1 vs 1, so that each player with your favorite hero can have a chance against the opponent’s hero. That I am forced to pick support just to help cope up in matches.

It’s bad player loses the game early on, the wrong choice of hero.