I really enjoyed this book. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned, and if he brought war between them, she would fight him with her claws. More about Adele Ashworth. Moved by vengeance, the handsome duke only goal is to bring down Viola Bennington-Jones. Feb 28, Mskychick rated it did not like it.

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Does he feel the electric passion that binds them still?

The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because I was able to put this book down and walk away from it and come back to it at will. Paperback Editions May Return to Book Page. Reality sure can be a shocker. But there were a few loose ends that I could not figure out even as I looked at it from different angles.

Can love overpower the vengeance he feels he needs to exact in order to feel whole again?

The Duke’s Captive

Jul 12, Wild Rose rated it really liked it. The hatred he has for her consumes him day and night and nearly right to the end of the story. Sep 03, Noelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 30, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: Adele does not dance unless you count nightclubs in college and that time in Mexico when she was three… and the “living on pennies” bit seemed highly questionable.


Kemunculannya tepat adsle usainya masa berkabung Viola akan kematian suaminya. I think the waters are muddier there. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

Ian was held captive for five weeks and chained in a dungeon by Viola’s two sisters, who kept him heavily drugged. The history These two are not strangers meeting for the first time. Mar 07, Naima rated it really liked it Shelves: She doesn’t think she did, and in the end, he doesn’t seem to think she did either, but Did Ian drunk spill his guts?

I know Adele Ashworth has made a fan out of me.

The Duke’s Captive by Adele Ashworth – FictionDB

More than anything, Viola’s goal now is to raise her son respectably while forgetting her past – that is until she meets Ian again and her comfortable world is shattered.

Since her acting and music reading talents were also suspect, she decided Broadway might not be for her. His final act of revenge make me stressed but than he suffered much more than it. There was no real excuse for this, and perhaps the author meant it this way,whom knows, but for me, I would have gone another way.

The Duke’s Captive — All About Romance

So when her mourning ends and Viola meets Ian at a ball, she is astounded. So he vows to take revenge on her, tracks her down in London where she recently widowed is living with her young son as a painter, pretends not to recognize her, and commissions a portrait so that du,es can use the time alone to psychologically torture her.


Sepanjang cerita aku terus bertanya-tanya bagaimana bisa laki-laki seperti Ian bisa diculik dan disekap oleh 2 orang xaptive. Viola, yang terkejut dengan kemunculan Ian walaupun melihat sepertinya laki-laki itu seperti tidak mengenalinya tetap merasa curiga.

May 29, Liz rated it capgive not like it Shelves: Nothing is drawn out for an immeasurable amount of time and the slow reveal of secrets kept is perfectly timed to keep the reader invested.

Aug 11, Joan rated it liked it Shelves: I liked that this scenario was believable.

Passion, betrayal and lust brought them together. Duke of Chatwin seeking conversation with his portrait artist over dinner? The first half of this was very slow for me.