Microsoft requires use of non-standard Fortran syntax to accomplish this feat. In , they noted the emergence of bit microcomputers and saw a market for high quality Fortran compilers and built a compiler for the Western Digital WD16 microprocessor, which they released commercially in Multi-threading, vectorization, a high performance parallel optimizer, data perfecting, profile guided optimization, IPO, and advanced optimizations can be performed automatically. Absoft-specific GUI options allow use of programs compiled with Absoft Pro Fortran using the mouse and dealing with pop-ups in the same way that windowed GUI applications are used. Run a script of debugger commands on program launch.

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Polyhedron | Absoft Pro for Windows

absoft pro fortran Absfot with the included gortran math libraries, you are assured of maximum performance on single and multi-core systems, running Leopard or Tiger. Absoft will then email a letter to you with your serial number and links and instructions to download your product. Documentation and White Papers. To ensure your software continues running at maximum efficiency, all registered Absoft customers can download service packs and quick fixes at no charge.

AbsoftTools External Libraries and Tools Plugin Support The AbsoftTools development environment has been enhanced to allow the integration of additional libraries and tools.

New! Absoft Pro Fortran 2019

Our recent port to Absoft v10 on Win64 was very straightforward. Weekend orders are processed the following Monday or the first workday following any US holidays. Complete documented source is provided as a tutorial on Windows programming in Fortran. Some Fortran and Fortran [15] extensions have been implemented as of April with version Create and vectorize multi-threaded applications automatically!


You can create spread sheet windows in AWE absoft pro fortran display rank 2 arrays. There are almost characters in the extended character set including four different fonts, the Greek alphabet and a host of mathematical, musical and other symbols.

An interactive AWE application can be written that does not use the interactive console at all, absoft pro fortran this window available for use as a run log. The use of Absoft-specific GUI features is portable between platforms using Absoft Pro Fortran on each platform, but other compilers and platforms cannot use these features, and Absoft-specific feature code will not be recognized by other compilers.

An AWE application can enhance the interactive console window menu items that can be used to execute program units and exit, providing a GUI for an interactive application.

The Absoft Fx3 Debugging Solution, included at no charge, is one of the absoft pro fortran debugging tools which can properly debug both Fortran and C code. Absoft Academic Floating Licenses: All are bundled with a graphical debugger and an integrated development environment.

Simplify code development for multiple platforms. Continuing Software Maintenance Absoft branded products include Premier Technical Support and Initial Software Maintenance at no additional charge from the time of purchase for as long as the purchased version remains the current release version.


Absoft’s Fx3, the better Fortran debugger, is included at no additional charge with Pro Fortran.

Polyhedron | Absoft

The name Absolute Software was used at first, but the shortened name Absoft was adopted as a more practical trademark. Version upgrades require separate purchase but at discounted prices. However, we still manually have to send in the purchase order to Absoft for processing. SoftwareProgramming tools. Among these are Apple computer, C.

The compiler automatically fogtran all available processors, and invokes multi-threading, vectorization, data fotran, PGO, IPO, and more. Faster code, PLUS a better development environment! A sizable, scrollable absoft pro fortran provides an interface to the Fortran pre-connected unit numbers for input and output.

Absoft offers licenses on all platforms for full versions of GINO or Winteracter that includes bit support, has no limitations, and is integrated with the Absoft Pro Fortran suite. New features fortrxn the previous release include: See Polyhedron Fortran Benchmark Comparison – bit runs faster than bit code.

Absoft Pro Fortran also supports the same level integration with the retail versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and Absoft compilers automate optimization, parallelization and absoft pro fortran of code for multi-core systems.

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